HRF engage with the youth to develop skills, confidence and aspirations.

This youth engagement activity is crucial in helping to guide the future generation away from anti-social behaviour and drug abuse. The HRF organisation is proud to emphasize, all youth who have been through our programmes have established sound positions in society and have taken on strong and good moral principles forward. Our schemes and activities are always in a fun and competitive environment.

We aim to increase the confidence, self-esteem, and aspirations of young people. HRF is working towards a better cohesive society.



A project initiated to help the children from every background to achieve more in their past time and be in an environment of social cohesion and respect. HRF has been working within the communities to help seed community cohesion and respect for all and providing the youth of today support for leisure and social activities. Such an example is evident from 2014, when a children’s football team (set up by locals and run for few years) was at the merge of folding. The club body had no responsible individual to carry the work forward and it had little funds. HRF Sports and Social director stepped in and used the charity influence to liaison with one of our sports and social partnership clubs to help us save this club from folding up. With extensive discussions and commitment, we were able to take over the children’s footy club and affiliate it with our sports club Frontline HRF FC , and named it as Frontline HRF Juniors. We are pleased to have been at the forefront in financially and morally supporting this kids club. We believe that with early good principles learnt from sports, our youth have an excellent chance to have a positive and bright head start for the future. The Sports and Social team at HRF are very pleased with this initiate and the response and joy from the children and their families. We will be looking at some superstars in the near future, we are sure.



HRF working to develop youth motivation

We at HRF are always trying to reach out to the youth through a good liaison network of community authorities, schools, welfare organisations and other similar charity organisations.

Activities and fun days occur all year round.

HRF aims to engage with the youth of today in a wide range of personal development, recreational, and learning opportunities Numerous fun day football tournaments organised for the youth across the country. Football fun day to help the youth interact with other individuals across the country to build confidence and improve awareness. Weekly football sessions where vulnerable youth are invited to join in, so they can keep out of trouble and build a friendship with sound individuals of the community, so ultimately a guide to a better future


Haji Rafique Foundation focus on projects that provide good influence and positive contribution to the lives of young people by increasing their life chances and helping their transition from youth to adulthood.We aim to achieve this by enabling young people to recognise and fulfill their potential through developing skills,confidence and aspirations.

HRF engage with the youth to develop skills,confidence and aspirations.