Emergencies Appeal for  2024: Crisis in Gaza


The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Over 30,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since 7th October 2023. With devastating deaths of 12,300 children killed! Also many health workers and journalists have died..

Gaza war has witnessed entire towns flattened to rubble, burying inhabitants under the ruins of their homes..

HRF Relief has partnered with a UK based organisation to help utilise and move our resources in the most best and practical way. Working with our partner to bring the greatest and rapid response to the Palestinian victims within Gaza. Support our Gaza Appeal NOW! Join us to help the Palestinian people with food, water, medical assistance and hygiene kits.

Give your ZAKAT-SADAQA-LILLAH for the Needy people of this catastrophe

HRF Relief are working alongside local NGO’s to help provide the best and most appropriate relief to the needy people of the effected countries.


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