Providing support for the poor,vulnerable,orphans,widows and elderly is at the heart of the work HRF carries out.We utilise the charity donations and in particular the Zakat donations to give directly to those individuals who have a right to it. Our core work is to focus on providing to these needy families.
We have had a successful project of Community Response, involving Zakat handouts(i.e.charitable money)to the poor and needy individuals on a monthly basis. We work to help fulfill the needs of the poor and deprived people. We support several hundreds of individuals and families from the rural parts of Pakistan,especially district Jhelum.We are always supporting and working with the families of the poorer rural areas to help lay the foundations for a brighter future for their communities.We are in strong favour in supporting and providing the needy to educations they may empower themselves out of poverty.



HRF assesses the needs of all individuals who may want a Zakat handout