Support deprived children to continue with education through grants.

We strongly support the need of education. We believe one of the ways to break the cycle of poverty is to offer the deprived an opportunity to an education. Enabling them to work their own way to independence and success.


Yemen School: Our team in Yemen, recently completed a purpose-built school within the refugee camp to provide free education to the approx. 400+ children therein. We also gave free educational packs to help re-start their education that has been heavily damaged due to the civil war. For 2021 we plan to further support this school & other educational projects within Yemen. Your support is needed.


Malawi Free School Meals : We identified two very deprived villages with approx. 250+ children. Many of these children don’t have a meal everyday. Poverty within Malawi is widespread! Many children attend school on an empty stomach and many will look for work to earn to eat. Thus, to break this cycle of poverty, we have introduced free school meals for the 6 days of school. This has had an amazing response with many more children attending education and the welfare and health of these children now looking so much better. We have pledged to continue to support these free school meals for 2021-22. Your support and donations will help us sustain this project.