Emergencies Appeal for  2023: Türkiye/Syria Earthquake


The Humanitarian Crisis

On Monday 6 February, an initial magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit in southern Türkiye, close to the border with northern Syria. A second 7.5-magnitude earthquake struck 9 hours later, with aftershocks following.

Two weeks after, on Monday 20 February, two more earthquakes struck in Türkiye, and were felt strongly in areas of Northwest Syria. People reported more buildings collapsing and widespread panic.

Thousands of people have died, with many more injured in the aftermath of the earthquakes. But it is not too late to save lives. HRF is now working with local volunteers within both Syria and Türkiye, establishing a continuous distributiin of emergency family packs and family tents during this next phase of emergency relief.

The probability of finding more people alive has fallen considerably, and the focus has now shifted to providing essential support for survivors who have lost their homes, belongings, livelihoods and loved ones..

According to latest reports, a combined total of more than 55,000 people have already been confirmed dead across both Turkey and Syria, and is continuing to rise as bodies are recovered from the rubble.

Give your ZAKAT-SADAQA-LILLAH for the Needy people of this catastrophe

HRF Relief are working alongside local NGO’s to help provide the best and most appropriate relief to the needy people of the effected countries.


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